Marble Restoration

Quality Care Marble Service has more than 25 years of experience in marble restoration and care!

Marble Restoration

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Are you looking for an experienced, professional marble restoration service in the Orange County, CA area? We have what you need at Quality Care Marble Service. Our successful business relies on over 25 years of experience to provide exceptional marble restoration service every time!

Marble is an overwhelming favorite with many Americans for its many colors and variety of patterns. With technological advances, marble has become cost competitive and in many cases, it can be cheaper than artificial stone. However, marble can be damaged by exposure, wear and tear, improper maintenance, use of the wrong cleaning materials, or something else. Usually, our marble restoration service can restore your marble surface’s original, glossy condition.

In addition, we can perform lippage removal to correct uneven and irregular marble surfaces. Lippage occurs due to poor installation, settling, improper maintenance, or warping of the stone. We grind the uneven surfaces and re-polish the stone to reveal its original luster.Our goal is to provide the best quality marble restoration service at an affordable price for our customers. We want you to rely on us for your marble floor, marble cleaning, and other marble restoration service needs.

Every marble restoration job we do restores the natural beauty of the marble! Please contact us through our website, or call us to get a fair estimate for your marble restoration job.