Travertine Restoration

Quality Care Marble Service has more than 25 years of experience in marble restoration and care!

Travertine Restoration

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Do you need an exceptional travertine restoration service in the Orange County, CA area for travertine cleaning, travertine floor restoration, or something else? We can help you at Quality Care Marble Service. Our experienced business relies on over 25 years of experience to offer excellent travertine restoration results on every job! No matter what your need, we will satisfy your needs with our excellent service.

Travertine is a stone that is available in many different finishes. It is typically offered in a filled form. The unfilled stone naturally has holes that run through the material. Filled travertine has filled holes. From time to time, these holes may become exposed. Our travertine restoration service repairs these holes and makes your stone look like new again.

Travertine usually is available in a polished finish and honed matte finish. These finishes need professional care to maintain their attractive state. From time to time, your travertine may require honing to remove surface blemishes, or re-polishing and sealing. Our travertine restoration services will keep your travertine looking great!

We can also custom finish your travertine to suit your choice. At Quality Care Marble Service, we know how to fix any problem you may have with your travertine. We offer the following travertine restoration services:

• Cleaning
• Etch removal
• Filling holes
• Sealing
• Refinishing – polishing and honing
• Repair
• Enhancing

Quality Care Marble Service has loyal customers who trust us to provide exceptional value. Our prices are competitive and our workmanship is first class! You can rely on us to complete any travertine restoration job to your total satisfaction. We will only take payment when you are satisfied.

We are open every day of the week. When you need a reliable, state licensed travertine restoration service, contact Quality Care Marble Service for service you can trust.